Blackie the Pirate

Blackie the Pirate 1971

99 minutes IMDb: 5.5 ★★★★★★★★★★
Rivaling Pirates and Spanish gold are the ingredients for this story. Blackie the pirate is the one who first hears from this shipment of gold when he encounters "Don" Pedro. He thinks of a plan to find this ship and its gold. His counter player is the vice roy of the Spanish kolony. When they visit one of the pirate settlements, they find three other pirate captains over there. One of them sells goods and prisoners from his latest capture. Don Pedro recognizes the wife of the vice roy, and Blackie buys her. However, one of the pirate captains, Skull, knows also who she is, and tries to make a deal. Blackie refuses, and Skull makes a deal with the other two pirate captains to plot against Blackie.


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