Nightwish: End of an Era

Nightwish: End of an Era 2005 HD

105 minutes IMDb: 9.1 ★★★★★★★★★★
End of an Era is a DVD and double CD from the Finnish symphonic power metal quintet Nightwish. Nuclear Blast recorded their live performance at the Hartwall Areena in Helsinki, Finland on October 21, 2005, the final concert of a long worldwide tour for their album Once. During the concert the band was joined on-stage by Lakota musician John Two-Hawks, who performed "Stone People" from his album Honor as an introduction to "Creek Mary's Blood", which featured his voice and cedar flutes. End of an Era is the final Nightwish production to feature Tarja Turunen on vocals. She and the rest of the band parted mere hours after this concert, the name of the album most likely refers to this.



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